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skyward sword literally revolves around my url

Hey, i just wanna say if people are sending/or send you hate over all that debate, don't publish it just ignore it... they're bitter & you don't deserve it.


Thank you.

And I publish it so I can stand by my point.

My feelings aren’t hurt, I just hate being misunderstood. 

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when i said

hate is hate bullying is bullying

it will affect anyone

i meant that it hurts to see people bullied for who they are and we are all trying to make a better change so it happens wayyyyyyyy less

it has NOTHING to do with me being straight

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Hate and bullying affects every single person, no matter what their sexual identity, gender identity, or skin color, is.... that's whats so misunderstood. There are no exceptions. Whether it be about straight, gay, bi, pansexual - phobic type comments are still shitty. "im the minority so its ok if i say shitty things" like, no, that isnt an excuse


Thank you anon. This is what I’m trying to say, I’m really not good with words, so thank you for pointing this out.

When non straight people are bullied, it hurts us too. We want all of ourselves to live in an accepting world.

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Ok... That's very easy for you to say coming from your standpoint as a heterosexual.



Straight people are starting to have more hate on Tumblr and you can’t say they aren’t because a lot of bloggers take things the wrong way like you are right now

I understand how hard it is to be judged in any way coming from a personal level

please dont assume you know me from one or two posts or just because im a heterosexual

i do not appreciate that and all we’re trying to do is make it an easier world for everyone to live in comfortably.

do not assume that me being straight means that i dont know the fucking struggle.

thank you.

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When oppressed people generalize they don't mean every single person. Typically they've had negative experiences with people with more privilege than them, and they have a right to be upset. While it is important for the oppressors to acknowledge this, it's also important that they (straight people) understand that what's happening to them happens to the oppressed every day. Maybe it seems unfair to you, but hate towards heteros will never affect heteros as much as hate towards other genders.


hate is hate bullying is bullying

it will affect anyone

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I'm the first anon and I'm bisexual and I think most of these comments are just really annoying!


I agree so much

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What that anon said is so relevant. I'm sick of coming on this website and seeing a bunch of heterophobic comments, yet if it were the other way around all hell would break loose.


At least you guys have some sense! It’s really annoying when they just put us as a whole and make us all seem like we’re the bad guys…like some of us are trying to help you??????? um?????

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idk I just don't get some people cause I'm sure activism is to gain allies and support from everyone and then some people mock straight allies and make fun of them and I'm like ?? Isn't that what you want to achieve and then they make fun of them? idk


E X A C T L Y .

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desmondmiles replied to your post: I remember being bashed on here becaus…

people on this website amaze me


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